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Is my skin suitable for this trimmer?

Most people’s skin is suitable to use this tool, as it is gentle on all skin types. Even though it is dermatologist approved, we always advise to consult your doctor if you are suffering from any medical conditions which our product may agitate or worsen.


My eyebrows are very thick. Can I use it?

Yes, definitely!


Can it be used for hairs other than my eyebrows?

We thought about everything! You can use it for your face, upper lips, chin, neck, sideburns, bikini line, or any area with short hair. Do NOT use this device to trim hard hair like beard.


Can I use it with makeup on?

For best results, it should be used on clean, dry skin without makeup or cream.


Does the Electric eyebrow trimmer have a battery included?

Unfortunately, the battery is not included in the package. However, we also offer a USB version of the products for those who prefer this method. Please note that the USB charging version is equipped with a lithium battery, which can be recharged and used.


How discreet and portable is it?

The product size is 17cm x 2.5cm and it only weights 55g. It’s so light and tiny! The sound is also very low. You can put it in your bag and use it anytime, anywhere. No one will ever know!


Does it have a light?

Yes, our Electric Eyebrow trimmer contains a built-in LED light, so you can remove even the smallest and ‘’sneakiest’’ hair.


How can I clean the device?

Remove the cutter head, use a soft brush or paper towel to clean inside then voilà! Please do not wash the device BODY as this part is not waterproof.


Is it safe?

Totally, we designed a protective cover that makes it safe to touch.


How long does it take to have my product?

Don’t worry, we are as much excited as you might be to try this wonderful product! Please note that all orders are shipped from our warehouse within 3 to 5 business days of the order being placed. Shipment will arrive in between 10-20 business days after the shipment date, depending on the availability of the carrier provider and location.  We do apologize that shipment delay may occur if the shipment requires Customs clearance or inspection, or transportation delay caused by carrier service.


How do I check the status of my order?

Upon order completion, we’ll send you a confirmation email. You will also receive a shipment confirmation and tracking number once your package has been prepared for shipment. If you have questions about your order status or did not receive the email, please contact us.

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